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Hotel MANDELA House provides best accommodation to the tourist with it's slogan "Atithi Devo Bhava". Mandela guest provides facility of hygienic food and traditional cuisines (Kadhi) rich in taste, surrounded by peaceful natural environment Mandela house and its round the clock service makes it another home for the tourist visiting here. With all such comfortable facilities Mandela guest is cheapest of all.


Born in a small village called bayana in Rajasthan. Mitou had a very difficult childhood. At the age of 14 she took in charge her whole family in 1997 she had the chance to live for France to study which she abandoned quickly to the fact. She had to help her family at home so mitou decided to to go into commerce “ Indian Crafts “ but with small means with small with time, hard work and vision she develops the idea of going back to Indian to her family with the project to build a small House. The celebration of opening of the House was in June 2008 with friends, family and future guests, The House was named “ MANDELA HOUSE “ , Which symbolize liberty, courage and victory to all our future guest ‘s It will be possible to test the local gastronomy and the day light of our sweet desert in compliment to our culture.

Folk Dance of Rajasthan Break Fast